How To Get a Manager (Or Be A Successful Independent Artist)

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How To Get A Manager (Or Be A Successful Independent Artist)

Find out what you need to achieve either (hint: they're the same things)


Course starts Monday 24th July

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My name is Anna Russell and I am the founder of AR Artist Management & AR Vocal Agency.

I have helped artists achieve their career dreams, including Grammy nominations & sold out worldwide tours.

Join me on this couse and learn how you can secure a manager, OR build a successful career as an independent artist!


  • One FREE lesson per day delivered to your inbox, for five days. You will learn:
  • What Artist Managers are looking for in new artists & why they choose to work with some artists over others
  • What you need to have in place to get a manager OR be a successful independent artist
  • How to approach managers and other music industry personnel (or better yet, attract them)
  • Find out if you are ready for an Artist Manager now

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